Simon Barnes Carpets
Simon Barnes Carpets Flooring is located at 15-15a Westbourne Road, West Kirby on the Wirral peninsula. Simon established the business in 1982 and now has over 37 years of experience within the trade.
Les Hill's
Les Hill's carpets and flooring can change the look of any home, from modern day comtempory to the classic and traditional look. At Les Hill's Carpets and Flooring Centre we have a large range of all
The Carpet Gallery
The Carpet Gallery is your local, independent, carpet and flooring retailer. A family-run business now in its fifth year of trading, but with 25 years experience in the industry, The Carpet Gallery

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Buying a new carpet is not something people do often and visiting the carpet shop in Wirral is a rare occasion. In addition, a new, high-quality carpet could be a rather pricy investment. Therefore, before you rush to the carpet shop in Wirral and leave your money there, it is better to first be informed how to shop for carpets. In order to save you all the regret and confusion when shopping for the right carpet for your home, here we share a few key tips from a carpet shop in Wirral for what to avoid, when choosing a carpet.

Tip from a Carpet Shop in Wirral: Weight is Not Everything

Before visiting a carpet shop in Wirral, people often assume that the more the carpet weights, the higher quality it is. However, the face weight of a carpet should definitely not be the determining factor when buying a carpet from a carpet shop in Wirral, or at least it should not be the only factor. When you are buying a carpet from a carpet shop in Wirral, there are so many other determining factors that come into play and will affect your final decision. Unfortunately, not every carpet shop in Wirral is well informed about all the factors and can truly help customers to make the right choice. Therefore, make sure to look for a reliable carpet shop in Wirral, don’t just go a buy from the first carpet shop in Wirral you come across.

Tip from a Carpet Shop in Wirral: Skimping on Underpad

When buying a new carpet from a carpet shop in Wirral, it will be one of your biggest mistakes if you decide to skimp on underpad. It is hard to justify spending these extra money when you are in the carpet shop in Wirral, but once you are home and have your carpet installed, you will definitely regret not investing into the underpad too while in the carpet shop in Wirral. An underpad is very important because it decreases the amount of wear and tear your carpet experiences by absorbing the impact of high traffic and heavy footfall.

Tip from a Carpet Shop in Wirral: Not the Right Carpet for Your Lifestyle

When choosing the right carpet while in the carpet shop in Wirral, it is important to assume the lifestyle of your household and what will fit the best your needs, requirements, desires. Every household is different, some have young children crawling on the floor or learning how to walk, others have pets at home, etc. So while you are at the carpet shop in Wirral, make sure to consider all these specific factors that should affect your final decision. Let the carpet shop in Wirral also help you make the right decision. A good and reliable carpet shop in Wirral will usually ask about the circumstances at your household in order to be able to recommend the best carpet for your lifestyle. Just like every good carpet shop in Wirral would know, the carpet we want is not always the carpet we want, but functionality comes first.