You are planning to buy a new rug? Or you have never considered buying a rug? No matter what is your case, one thing is for sure, you are most probably wondering how to choose the right rug for space and most importantly – how to style it in a way it all looks perfect and the rug seems like belonging to the room. A rug is a great way to update your home, ensure more comfort, make sure your original hard floor feels cosier and it is protected in certain high-traffic areas, change your interior without investing a small fortune in a major home improvement project. The right rug will definitely contribute to creating a put-together, sleek, flawless interior. So here is some key point you want to consider when you are choosing and buying a new rug.

Collect Visuals

In case you are absolutely no sure what rug to choose, how to place it so it looks perfect and ensures enough comfort, how to incorporate it in the overall atmosphere and style of the room, make sure to take your time and browse a lot of pictures online for inspiration before actually buying the rug. Websites such as Pinterest and others similar are a great source of inspiration and ideas.

Consider Your Furniture

Some areas of your home will just look perfect and more put-together thanks to a rug. For example, a dining room set, a living room sofa, and even your queen size bed will look perfect when sitting on a rug. A good rug will fit perfectly in these rooms and will make them appear and feel cosier.

Function Over Form

Nowadays, the carpets and rugs market is truly impressive with the variety of rugs you can choose from. There is practically a rug in every shape, form, colour, texture and there is something perfect even for the pickiest shopper. However, make sure that when you are buying a new rug, you are prioritizing functionality and comfort, while appearance comes in second place.


Of course, you want to invest in a rug that will last for a long time and you will be able to enjoy it without it looking too worn and torn too soon. In case there is a lot of high traffic in the area where you place the rug, there is a big chance of it getting worn and damaged too soon. Therefore, you want to invest in a high-quality rug made out of durable and hard-wearing materials.

Create Areas

In case you are living in an open-plan type of space, area rugs can help a lot for creating different areas and zoning out different “rooms”. It is an affordable and very effective way to achieve the effect of different “rooms” with the help of area rugs.


Solid colour rugs are a safe choice since they are so easy to add to your existing interior and make them work. While a patterned rug is the riskier choice, once you make sure you style it properly, it will definitely make a significant difference and stand out, becoming the statement piece of the room.

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